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Separation Agreements

Separation agreements may be very important to help manage a family breakup. It is a common myth that all divorce and separations end up in court. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the more complicated divorces do end up in a hearing in court. However, that tends to happen when the parties cannot agree financial arrangements. The terms of most separations and divorces can be agreed through separation agreements. By doing this you will avoid expensive contested court proceedings.

When parties are considering their separation, they should try to discuss their financial and family arrangements. It is especially important to ensure that children do not become casualties. It also helps ease the process if you talk things through before contacting your solicitor.

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Separation Agreements – a managed way forward

When a couple separate, it is very important each party receives independent advice. By doing so, each will be aware of their entitlements, rights and obligations. We provide advice and assistance to clients who find themselves in this position.

We will take all the details and provide detailed advice on your own personal circumstances. In addition, we will review any proposals from your spouse or partner and advise you on these too.

It is important that the welfare of any children is properly addressed.

We will negotiate the terms of the agreement with your spouse or partner’s solicitor. Once the position is agreed, we will then prepare a Separation Agreement for signature.

Separation Agreements – focusing on your needs

We completely understand the importance of getting it right. That means ensuring that separation agreements contain everything necessary to regulate arrangements between the parties.

We always act in the best interests of our clients and make every effort to ensure their separation agreement meets their needs.

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