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Your loved ones need to deal with all your assets, property and debts after you’ve died. This is called dealing with your Estate. We deal with Estates for many of our clients. The Scottish terms for this is an Executry whilst in England and Wales it is Probate.

Someone needs to deal with your estate after you’ve passed away. You appoint someone to deal with your estate when you make a Will. If you do not have a Will, someone needs to apply to the court to be allowed to deal with your estate.

Dealing with estates can be time consuming and complicated. That means it pays to get professional advice at the outset. This will save time and expense and help you wind up the estate quickly and properly.

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A professional Estates service

We deal with winding up and ingathering the estates for many of our clients. Whether or not there is a Will is a significant factor in relation to cost and time. It’s usually much quicker and more straight forward to deal with an estate when there’s a Will – but not always.

If there is no Will, we will petition the court for the appointment of an executor. We can only get on with the job of finding out how much is in the estate once an executor has been appointed.

We have to apply for Confirmation to enable us to collect all monies and property due to the estate and then distribute this to the beneficiaries.

Our Estates service focused on your needs

We belive it is very important to deal with an estate in an efficient and professional manner. We undersand that emotions run high. Accordingly, we will explain the key steps of the process to you.

It is important to keep you informed about the progress of the estate. We will let you know when you can expect the work to be completed. We will then distribute the estate in accordance with the Will or, wherer there is no Will, the Law of Succession.

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